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Tennis Strings for All Types of Tennis Rackets to Boost Power & Spin!

Tennis Strings greatly influence how well a player performs and controls the hits on the court! Our collections of tennis strings are greatly responsible for how the player feels when the ball hits the racket and how accurately and powerfully you return the Tennis Ball to the opponent. With the right strings, you can alter your tennis racket's needed feel and power to match your playing style! Choosing the right set for your Tennis Racket can make a big difference in your game.! Altimus wants to make it easy for you. We have an expert team who handpicked tennis strings for every player covering natural gut strings, multifilament strings, and polyester strings, from beginners to pros, to deliver high performance and excellent durability. Whether looking for a softer, more forgiving, stiffer, or more responsive one, we have all the perfect options for you. From the thickest and most durable to the thinnest and most responsive, we also offer a wide range of gauges. Above all, we have a team of Tennis Restringing professionals to restring your racket carefully and precisely so that it operates at its peak.  We offer quick turnaround times to reduce your downtime on the court while using the highest-quality strings and technologies to achieve incredible responses.

Tennis strings highly impact your game since they are responsible for the tension and power of your shots, as well as the control and spin you can achieve. Including the ideal string uplifts your gameplay, as different types and gauges of strings offer different levels of power, control, and durability. Some may like Natural gut for its superior strength and feel, and others may like Multifilament strings and Synthetic gut for a good balance of force and control. We have stocked all the likings from the top brands Babolat, Wilson, Volkl & Tecnifibre to support your play. Browse our selection and find the perfect strings for your racket today!


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Discover exclusive offers and new arrivals