Luxury Ski Shop in London UK
Luxury Ski Shop in London UK

Ski Body Armour for a Sense of Security on Ski Slopes!

Ski Body Armor appears to be a supportive choice for extreme sports enthusiasts who push their limits and engage in more dangerous activities, and for skiers who want to stay protected while having complete freedom of movement. Our protective gear is designed to keep you safe while you enjoy the thrill of the ski slopes, made with durable and flexible materials that can easily adapt to your movements, ensuring maximum comfort and protection. In addition to delivering exceptional defence, our body armour is lined with a soft, breathable material that wicks away perspiration, leaving you dry and comfortable all day long. With its lightweight nature, you won't feel weighed down during your ski runs.  

Our ski body armour is not only incredibly protective but also stylish and sleek, available in various colours and patterns. Our armour is made from a blend of materials that provide excellent impact resistance, so you can ski with confidence knowing that your body is protected, as well as it is fully adjustable, so it can be customised to fit your body perfectly for optimal protection and comfort. Shield yourself from harm 's way with comfortable and long-lasting ski body armour from top brands Demon and POC. Improve your performance and feel secure while skiing!


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Discover exclusive offers and new arrivals