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Tennis Accessories to Maximize Your Tennis Performance!

Tennis Accessories promote players' confidence and ability to play actively and comfortably, ensuring a more enjoyable and successful tennis experience with our high-quality Tennis Balls, Tennis Grips & Tennis Strings to boost your performance on the court. Our selection of Tennis Balls are lightweight, compact, and built for constant bounce and durability, delivering a fair and entertaining game. Also, get ready to Fine-tune your play with our well-picked Tennis Strings and Tennis Grips that help you customise your racket for an improved combination of power, control, and feel. The grip is a player's direct connection to the tennis racket, and having a comfortable and secure grip is crucial for maintaining control and generating power in every shot. Altimus offers a variety of tennis grips that are designed to provide excellent tackiness, moisture absorption, and durability.

As you may be exposed to more sun, to prevent overheating and discomfort during long matches, we have stocked top-quality Tennis Hats to minimise sun glare and boost your tennis style! While on the move, enhance your force with our Sweat-wicking Tennis Wristbands and Tennis Headbands that guard you when playing intensely and do carry a tennis towel, an added advantage of being versatile and a convenient way to dry off sweat and moisture during a match. Get ready to keep the sweat out and beat your opponent! From Tennis Balls, Grips and Strings to Tennis Hats, Towels and Headbands, our advanced materials and technologies deliver maximum power and control for enhanced performance, and Altimus is up with all needed stylish and comfortable tennis accessories from top brands Tecnifibre, Babolat, Wilson, Adidas & Volkl to support you on your play! Shop now and elevate your game with our finest tennis accessories!


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Discover exclusive offers and new arrivals