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Tennis Shorts for quick & powerful moves!

Performance-Packed Tennis Shorts! Maximize your on-court performance with our high-performing Tennis Shorts engineered to boost your Speed and Power! Get ready to experience unmatched Mobility and Comfort with our Tennis Shorts that ensures free and convenient play with their lightweight and quick-drying fabrics to tackle high-intensity matches! Our collections of Tennis Shorts are set to easily move over, allowing you to focus on your game with a flexible waistband that delivers a comfortable and secure fit that stays in place during the game. This flexible waistband in our tennis shorts helps to prevent chafing and skin irritation, which can be especially important during longer tennis matches.Our Tennis Shorts are designed to be snug and light, providing a perfect balance between support and freedom of movement. You'll feel agile and swift without any unnecessary weight holding you back, allowing you to make those lightning-fast shots with ease.

Overheating might degrade your performance on court, as you may be experiencing more sweat, our tennis shorts are designed with the latest technologies to keep you dry and cool. Tennis Shorts take your abilities and performance to the next level! We at Altimus have stocked high-performing Tennis Shorts in comfortable lengths and styles to suit every player from top brands Lacoste, Castore, Asics, Jupp & Tecnifibre that are built to last longer. Pair them with comfortable and stretchy Tennis Tops and dominate your next match! You might be shocked to know that the sportswear you wear might greatly influence the quality and duration of your run. Matching the suitable bottom to the right workout and weather conditions is always a smart move. Move effortlessly and boldly with our premium tennis shorts collections!


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Discover exclusive offers and new arrivals