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Tennis Grips & Tennis Adhesive Tapes for Customised Power & Support!

Tennis Grips & Tapes are key to stiffness and support that adds more cushioning and traction needed to strike precise shots, which gives you a secure and comfortable hold on your tennis racket without slipping off your hands, allowing for maximum power and precision. Do you know the right grip size makes a huge difference in your Tennis Racket's performance? They do, because as you hold the handle, you must be easy to grab and move freely, withstanding the game without sliding it down!

Many may prefer tacky, rubber grips for sweat absorption and stronghold, while some may prefer cushioned grips for comfortable play and decreased vibrations, to reduce fatigue and soreness in hand and wrist, Be easy on your hands and elbows by grabbing our appropriate tennis grip that suits well for your playstyle! We are up with all the preferred needs of the players, from Overgrips which are placed over the existing grip that are specifically designed to absorb sweat and enhance the traction, to Replacement Grips for better hold in hot or humid conditions which are even thicker than the overgrips. Our choice of Replacement Grips and Overgrips are ideal and easy to install for all types of tennis players, making them an excellent pick for those looking to improve their tennis game. 

Get the competitive edge on the court with our selection of Tennis Grips from top brands Tecnifibre and Lacoste. Also, check out Tennis Adhesive Tapes for further protection and comfort of your tennis racket's handle; who wants to add a bit of increased life to their tennis racket and preserve it in great condition for long!


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Discover exclusive offers and new arrivals