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Tennis Balls: Play Without Limits!

Tennis Balls are key for uplifting your overall effectiveness on the court since they differ based on the surface, affecting how well you perform during training sessions and tennis matches. Each type of tennis ball has its own unique characteristics and offers different levels of durability, bounce, and speed. Using the appropriate type of tennis ball makes all the difference! It can affect the ball's behaviour as a ball for a clay court will behave differently than one for a hard court. Clay court balls are typically softer & slower, while hard court balls are firmer & faster, and grass court balls seem stronger & heavier with a lower bounce. From clay and hard courts to grass courts, we have stocked tennis balls for all surfaces and all types of players. Our selection of tennis balls from top brands Wilson, Head, Slazenger, Tecnifibre & Babolat offers a good bounce and control over your hits! 

Some players may prefer balls that are more durable and have a consistent bounce, while others prefer balls that are faster and have more spin. We have balls for all preferences and game styles, built from top materials. To maintain their bounce and shape longer, we have listed Pressurised tennis balls, which are perfect for players who play frequently and want a ball that lasts longer. To maintain their bounce and shape for a long time without losing pressure, we have listed Pressureless tennis balls, perfect for players who want a ball that can be used for extended practice sessions. And, especially for hard court players, we have stocked Extra Duty tennis balls known for their durability and consistent bounce, suitable for players who play mostly on hard courts. 

Gently introduce your kids to tennis with our highest-quality tennis balls, allowing them to quickly learn and enjoy the game with joy!


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Discover exclusive offers and new arrivals