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Altimus Outdoor

Tennis Caps & Hats for Unbeatable Sun Protection!

Tennis Caps & Tennis Hats supports you well during outdoor trainings and matches, offering maximum sun defence to play confidently and maintain consistency in the sweltering heat. Our collections of Tennis caps & hats are perfect for sunny days to block and protect you from harmful UV rays, which can cause skin damage and sunburns that can be uncomfortable and a major distraction, affecting your game as a result. Our selection of Tennis Caps & Hats reduces the sun glare and improves visibility with the help of a visor, which can be especially beneficial while playing on bright and warmer days! Perhaps you may experience overheating and weariness at times, which might greatly hinder reaching your winning end. Our Tennis Caps and Hats are here to drain away the sweat and keep your head cool and dry with their lightweight and breathable nature.

Tennis players are known for their fashion sense, and having a well-coordinated look on the court can boost confidence and help players to feel more comfortable and focused! Our trendy picks of Tennis Caps & Hats from top brands Lacoste, Castore & Adidas blends style with functionality to make you look great on the court and stay comfortable all game long. Whether playing in a tournament, practising on the court, or just enjoying a casual game with friends, you will surely find a perfect fit for your head at Altimus!


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Discover exclusive offers and new arrivals