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Ski Clothes, Ski Boots & Ski Equipment for Extended Joy on Slopes!

Ski offers a unique blend of excitement and adventure enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, making it a truly pleasurable experience. The thrill of gliding down the slopes and the breathtaking views of the mountains make skiing an unforgettable journey!Whether you are just starting out and looking to hit the bunny slopes, or an enthusiastic skier ready to tackle the black diamond runs, Altimus has stocked everything you need to make your next skiing trip a success. From Skis and Ski Boots to Ski Poles and Ski Helmets, we have a wide selection of top-quality gear from the leading ski brands Poc, Head, Tecnica & Dahu. In addition to skiing equipment, we also offer a variety of Ski Clothing and Ski Accessories to preserve you warm and comfortable on the slopes. From insulated Ski Jackets and Ski Pants to Ski Gloves and Ski Goggles, we have everything you need to stay protected from the elements from top brands Bogner, Goldbergh, Helly Hansen, Sportalm, Fusalp & more. We have also listed a wide range of spacious Ski Luggage & Ski Boot Bags to help you transport your equipment with ease. Our Ski Bags & Boot Bags are designed to protect your gear during transit and make moving around the resort easy. 

Why not take advantage of the beautiful snowy landscape this winter by hitting the slopes for an exhilarating skiing adventure? Don't miss out on the pleasure and excitement of winter! Get Ready for your upcoming ski adventure with our highly performance ski gear. So whether you're planning a winter vacation on the slopes or just looking to enjoy some outdoor activities closer to home, we have everything you need to stay tip-top during your winter adventures. You will be all set to hit the slopes with bells on and ski like a pro, come rain or shine! Shop our coolest collections today!


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Discover exclusive offers and new arrivals