Luxury Ski Shop in London UK
Luxury Ski Shop in London UK

Ski Jackets for the Ultimate Adventure!

Ski Jackets are an excellent solution while playing intensely in heavy snow as they cover you completely into a safer zone and keep you moist throughout the day that are specifically designed to balance cold under extreme weather conditions to maintain you warm and comfortable while performing any snow sports or activities on the icy slopes. Ski Jackets differ according to the activity being carried out. From Waterproof Ski Jackets to Breathable Ski Jackets, We have covered it all!. Whether you're dashing through the snow or hitting the off-piste, these ski jackets will keep the snow out and prevent sweat from building up, ensuring your base layers stay dry and warm.

Ski jackets not only focus on protecting you, it offers equal weightage to the exterior appearance too, with flawless varied designs. Our collections of Ski Jackets are also meant to prevent snow from sticking to them and make it less heavy to move around freely in high-intense slope play. Altimus is here with the latest stylish and comfortable collections of Ski Jackets for Mens, Womens and Kids that are highly-performing from top brands regardless of the activity you are about to engage in and gives you a classy touch with our amazing brands Bogner, Goldbergh, Helly Hansen, Sportalm, Fusalp & more. Feel the joy of gliding on the snow, wearing our stunning ski Jackets with matching attractive Ski Pants.


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Discover exclusive offers and new arrivals
Discover exclusive offers and new arrivals