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Ski Bags & Luggage to safely transport your skis and belongings.

Ski Bags for your Ski Holidays! Altimus Outdoor has stocked the best range of Ski Bags, Luggage, Daypacks, Packing Cubes, and more. Conveniently transport your Ski Clothes, Ski Gear and Essentials to the Ski Slopes & Resorts.

Ski Bags & Luggage from the best brands, including SnoKart and Dakine, offers smart packing and transporting solutions for your Ski Holiday and anywhere in the world. Daypacks are an excellent carrying solution. They are lightweight and functional. Use Daypacks for extra storage space or use them to pack your essentials for a day on the slopes. Check out the exclusive Daypack collection from Dakine and more.

Ski Boots Bags come in handy when you want to keep or store Ski Boots separately from the rest of the gear. Some Boot bags also come with additional storage for Ski Helmets & Essentials that you need on the slopes. You will thank yourself for buying one. Check out our exclusive Ski Boot Bag Collections from SnoKart and more top brands.

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Ski Bags & Luggage to safely transport your skis and belongings.

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