Benefits of Cycling to Work

Benefits of Cycling to Work

Are you cycling to work? Great! You are already on the right track improving your fitness level and mental health. Also, you are saving money and being responsible by commuting in an environmentally friendly way. If you haven't thought about it yet, this article might change your mind. Read further to discover why.

You Save Time

You need not wait in traffic, worry about the delayed bus, or remain in a queue to park your car. Instead, quickly get past the traffic, lock your bike and arrive at your destination.

You Get Healthy

Are you planning to shed that extra weight and improve your fitness level, but you are not a fan of running or don't have time to visit the gym? Fret not; cycling is the best alternative. Compared to running, cycling is a low impact activity, and it is easy on your joints. Cycling is good for your heart, and you can reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and even prevent or manage type II Diabetes.

Cycling requires effort and energy. Your body accelerates your breathing and heart rate to meet the demand of this moderate physical task, creating an opportunity to strengthen your cardio-respiratory and cardiovascular system. The blood circulation increases, boosting oxygen supply to the brain and other parts of the body. Increased oxygen supply to the brain helps replenish the neurons and build new cells to improve your memory and learning capability and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.
You strengthen your immune system and eliminate the chance of falling sick. It also increases your metabolism, and instead of accumulating body fat, you build muscles that help burn calories quickly, even when you are at rest. Your stamina level will improve, and you will feel energetic all day.

You Get Healthy

Moreover, in the wake of social distancing, cycling is a fantastic choice to make.

Improved Bone Strength

Cycling is a low impact activity, non-weight bearing, and easy on your joints. It is an excellent choice to help you work out your leg muscles and tone your body without causing pain or injury to your joints. You strengthen your bones and muscles, helping you prevent or reduce the risk of osteoporosis as you age. You can even slow down the development of knee arthritis or lessen the pain associated with it.

It will make you Happy

Physical activity and exercise helps release mood-boosting hormones such as endorphins. You will feel good every time you ride your cycle. You are slowing down to breathe fresh air and getting an opportunity to look around and connect with nature. Doing this every day will have a significant impact on boosting your mental health. You will have clarity of thoughts and feel highly positive – what an excellent way to kick start your busy day ahead. You don't feel it yet? Why don't you try it yourself? You will happily embrace the change of commuting to work in a cycle.

You manage stress a lot more efficiently

Stress is something that has found a way into our daily life. It blocks you out of reality and keeps you occupied, cutting down the possibility of progressing professionally as well as personally. Cycling regularly, especially before you start your day's work, can help you overcome daily life stress by clearing your mental blocks and making better decisions. It helps regulate your breathing, allowing you to breathe more deeply, which is essential in managing stress and focusing on the "now". You get a much-needed mental break because you keep your mind on the road when you ride your cycle instead of the muddles and pressures of real life. Cycling, combined with your day's work, enables you to sleep better at night to charge you up for the next day. And, with each day, you get better and better.

You Care for the Environment

When you switch to cycle for commuting to work, you help reduce air pollution by cutting down greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. You also reduce noise pollution and traffic congestion. You are doing your part in creating and maintaining a healthy environment and a sustainable future.

You Save Money

When you cycle regularly, you exercise to improve your health without shelling out money on gym memberships. You are cutting down cost on medical bills, fuel, parking charges and transportation. Moreover, a cycle is cheaper than a car to buy or to maintain.

Your Life Changes for Better

Commuting to work in a cycle allows you to slow down to bounce back to life with a better perspective. Slowing down is good because it will make you more successful. Breathing fresh air, getting a mental break, looking around people and places give you a chance to become better. You start thinking better, making better choices in life. It is not an exaggeration; ask any cyclist, they will approve. If cycling can take away stress and make you feel good instantly, isn't it worth trying?

Cycling to work every day creates a positive impact on every aspect of your life. You allow yourself an opportunity to get healthy, both physically and mentally, without spending much money. You are managing stress a lot more efficiently. You don't get sick often, and your quality of sleep has improved. You help create a healthy community and become a source of inspiration. Your friends, family, and fellow humans will start considering cycling to work, taking you as an inspiration. You boost your brainpower and escape mental blocks. You are saving the environment by doing your part.

You lower the risk of acquiring cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer. You are building strength and becoming mentally healthy, adding years to your life expectancy – You Live Longer, Healthier and Happier!

Your Life Changes for Better


To enjoy cycling to work, remain safe on the road, and reap the maximum benefits of this new habit, you need to make sure you start with a short distance, an achievable distance. You need to make sure you are visible on the road to prevent accidents. Maintain your cycle in good condition. Know your route; give yourself time to understand other road users and keep a distance from car doors and other vehicles. Mount lights in your cycle to make yourself visible in low light conditions. Learn how to change a flat and check the weather conditions for the day before heading out.

Happy Cycling for a Happy You!