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Kid Ski Gloves: Keep Hands Safe & Warm on the Ski Slopes!

Kids Ski Gloves keeps the kids hands warm, dry and cosy on the ski slopes. It helps retain body heat and allows good circulation even during the coldest days. Wearing a Ski Glove is very important as our body quickly loses heat through the extremities. Altimus has stocked best Kids Ski Gloves from top brands Dakine, Weedo, Leki, Racer, Manbi and more. We also have Kids Glove Liners to add more warmth to Kids Hands. Go ahead and explore.

USEFUL LINKS Dakine Kids Ski Gloves | Leki Kids Ski Gloves | Manbi Kids Ski Gloves | Racer Kids Ski Gloves | Weedo Kids Ski Gloves 

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