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Altimus Outdoor is the UK's leading retailer in Adventure Sports. We have officially teamed with leading brands from several parts of the world to bring you an extensive range of innovative products for a healthy and happy living. Active Posture is one of our favourite brand because they bring you a whole new range of Posture Clothing designed with their patented Neuroband Technology registered by the FDA and CE as a Class 1 medical device. This whole new concept is about improving your posture awareness. Posture Clothing does help in creating posture awareness by stimulating your muscle memory when you are sitting hunched over a computer, exercising or involved in active physical work. We suggest that Posture Clothing designed by Active Posture is becoming essential these days because they naturally get you accustomed to a good posture. With regular usage and being physically active, you are less likely to develop posture-related pain. Altimus Outdoor has an impressive range of products from Active Posture that fully live up to the expectations of a medical device for posture correction. Free Delivery available.

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Active Posture

Active Posture